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  We have Mascara, Eyeliner and Hair Mascara for customers' options. We constantly spend a lot of energy on R&D to develop new product, it is possible for us to create tomorrow's styles today. So you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition.

Our strong R&D team develops new products periodically to meet market requirements. Besides, our each product must be carefully examined in each stage so as to ensure excellent quality, severe and steady quality control conforms to the inspection standard of FDA & EEC.

We trust our originality and knowledge can help you to develop your own worldwide marketplace, and shall provide you all of characteristic style of your require, no matter what quality or innovation.

Features of Products
After using our products, you could find out that your lashes will be more volume and curling. So, your eyes will be sexier and glamorous than ever before. Our mascaras are features of waterproof, lashes-lengthening, thickening and ultra-curls. The mascara with four represents: No Smudge, No Flake, No Stiffen and No Clump. And our liquid eyeliner, the special formulation not only goes on brilliantly, but it dries quickly to create dazzling eye effect.